From our manufacturing facility on a 15,000 square meter site in Leling City in Shandong Province, we produce 26 million auto parts on an annual basis. Customers can be confident that what they buy from us is certified under TS16949 quality management standards.

Our filters are highly praised for their marketing appearance, dust holding capacity, and prolonged service life. This includes our PP air filters, PU filters, eco air filters, cabin filters, and oil and fuel filters.

To ensure efficient and reliable filtration, we only source the most stable and suitable filtration raw materials.

An advanced cutting machine cuts material to length while a state-of-the-art folding equipment makes careful and accurate folds.

The microcomputer-controlled glue applicator has automatic adjustable settings for different filter materials, and unique thermostatic temperature control heats the glue storage tank, ensuring an even and stable chemical reaction.

The vertical injection molding machine works precisely, stably, and with a temperature control accuracy of ±0.5°C.

We also use a variety of welding machines such as the ultrasonic welder, hot plate welder and infrared welder, to produce a complete range of ECO oil and fuel filter elements.